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What can counselling
help with?


My approach


Will therapy help me?

I am an experienced, qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and I have been in counselling practice in London for 15 years.


You will find details of my qualifications and experience on the ‘About Me
page. I offer counselling both on an open-ended basis and for agreed time periods for many different issues and concerns.


Learn more about how I work and what to expect from a counselling session.


I work with adults, adolescents, children, families and couples of all backgrounds
and lifestyles and cultural heritages.


If you find yourself interested in what I say here about counselling and psychotherapy and if it might help you, I will be pleased to hear
from you, by phone or email.


I also offer a free pre-therapy 30 minute introductory meeting without obligation.


I am based in Walthamstow E17 in east London. A map and travel details
can be found on the location and contact page. I also cover other areas such as Leytonstone, Wanstead, and Woodford, as well as Walthamstow.




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John Fletcher

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