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Therapy and Counselling Experience

I have nine years experience in adult Primary Care mental health services. This involved seeing people who had been referred by their GP for issues
such as anxiety, depression and anger. I also have nine years experience
as a counsellor and supervisor working in statutory mental health services
for children, young people and families.


In addition, I have counselled in a women’s prison, in a specialist bereavement project and with children and young people with disabilities and their families.


I have been a qualified Social Worker for over thirty years working with
adults, adolescents and children and families in diverse inner City areas.

Some of my particular interests are in working with women and men who
have experienced abuse, especially in childhood. Also those who have experienced domestic violence at some time in their lives. I am also
interested in supporting people who are taking medication to help
them cope with anxiety, stress or depression but want to work towards reducing or ending their use of it. There is much evidence that
supports the effectiveness of therapy and medication working together.


Why I became a counsellor


Becoming a counsellor was, for me, a natural development of my previous Social Work experience. For many years I worked mainly with troubled adolescents most of whom had been affected by experiences such as family breakdown, neglect, abuse and domestic violence.


 I found that if I was able to engage them in a compassionate and trusting relationship, they could learn to understand themselves differently, grow
in self confidence and develop aspirations.

Counselling in walthamstow london

John Fletcher - Counsellor

This was how I first fully appreciated the potential power that the experience of working in a helpful relationship
has for enabling people to change, grow in confidence and self belief and begin to realise their potential.


A therapeutic relationship is simply a more focussed and structured way of working in a relationship,
but with, perhaps,even greater life changing potential.


I have completed an MSc training in Person Centred Psychotherapy (Metanoia Inst.2008) and I have a Post Graduate
Diploma in Person Centred and Existential Counselling (City Univ. 1999). I have also been a Social Worker since 1981.

I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I am committed
to working within its ethical code of practice and its requirements to engage in regular professional supervision
and continuing professional development.


Contact Me


Please call to tell me why you are thinking about counselling and we can arrange to meet if you wish: 07930 421 403 


If you have any questions, feel free to ring me. I cover ares including Leytonstone, Wanstead, Woodford, and Walthamstow.


Alternatively contact me by email at

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