Counselling or Psychotherapy. What's the difference?


My approach to


Can therapy help me?


What should I expect?

Some believe that psychotherapy and counselling can be distinguished
from one another - usually that counselling is short term and looks at
particular issues whilst psychotherapy is long term and looks at
someone's whole life experience. 


Whilst I work in both these ways, my view is that there is no reliable way, across the board, of distinguishing one from the other.


I am more comfortable with "therapy" - from the Greek word for healing -
to cover both terms and I prefer to describe myself simply as a therapist.

 However, there is much common ground between the differing views of counselling and psychotherapy in that they
both acknowledge the importance of the relationship that is at the heart of each.


A relationship based on real understanding, warmth and trust is generally accepted as an essential requirement for

any model of therapy whether it is labelled counselling or psychotherapy.


Some counsellors believe further that it is simply the factors that are common to all helpful relationships, such as
genuine acceptance, respect, warmth and understanding that are really what makes counselling helpful rather
than this or that theoretical model.


When seeking a counsellor. it is most important to choose one with whom you
could imagine having a relationship that is founded on these qualities.

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