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Counselling can be helpful in different ways. It can help you deal with particular feelings or situations that are troubling you.


You might be struggling with a particular problem, like not being able to
sleep or feeling very anxious or very low. There may have been an
event in your life, a loss or bereavement or a traumatic experience
such as a road accident.  


Relationships with loved ones or colleagues may be difficult. You may
have issues from your past that cause you difficulty today.


Or, you may have a more general feeling of not being as content with your
life as you would like to without perhaps being sure about the reasons why. 


Counselling can help you to understand what is happening and
find and develop more satisfying ways of living.


Some of the issues I have helped people with include anger, relationship difficulties, bereavement and other losses, depression, anxieties and fears including panic attacks, concerns relating to sex and sexuality, low self confidence, domestic violence and other forms of abuse, troubling effects
of past experiences, problems sleeping or eating and many others.  


  Counselling helps thousands of people with these kinds of issues.  

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'Adversity precedes growth'
Rosemarie Rossetti

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