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The most important thing that should happen in a session is that you feel
really listened to and understood by your counsellor. Without this, you
are unlikely to find your counsellor’s responses helpful.


When you can trust that whatever you say will be listened to with real understanding and respect and accepted without judgement, the way is
open for a genuine, empathic exploration of your concerns. The
development of new insights and ways of understanding yourself
are likely to follow which can become the first steps towards
the change in your life that you are seeking.

What is brought to counselling varies with each individual. You might need
to talk about things in the past or what's happening in the present, or
perhaps both. We might be exploring how to cope with upsetting or
sad feelings or looking at how to change negative thinking.  

Even with common problems which affect thousands of people such as
depression and anxiety, there are always differences in how people are
affected individually.


 Depending on the issues concerned, a few sessions might be sufficient
or longer term work might be more helpful.


This will usually become clearer as the work progresses.

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'Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not

by its growth, but by washing away

from it all that is not gold.'

Leo Tolstoy

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